Why I Define Mindset as The Key to Success

Define Mindset for Success



Why it’s So Important to Define Mindset


If you go to the dictionary to Define Mindset you will see “Noun – an attitude, disposition or mood.  The ideas and attributes with which a person approaches a situation, especially when these are seen as difficult to alter”


As an experienced entrepreneur, having been self employed for the past 25 years I have come to realize that that a person’s Mindset is the most important factor in their success, regardless of the task at hand.


When you understand that everything created by man was first a thought, before it was manifested into its physical equivalent, you will also realize the importance of mindset.

Let’s Define Mindset

The Deep Abyss of Mindset


We can Define Mindset as either positive or negative. A positive mindset will create positive thoughts and thus positive actions and positive “things”.

Just as a negative mindset will produce negative thoughts and actions and consequently negative “things”.


We are all constantly bombarded with negative information as we go about our daily lives. Every time you turn on a television, chances are you will see images of natural disasters and wars from all around the world.


It would seem that even so called entertainment on television is nothing but senseless violence.


It’s no wonder there are so many people suffering from depression and other mental disorders.


The great news is that if you take it upon yourself to control your mindset by controlling what you feed your mind; you will notice your life change for the better almost instantly.


I challenge you to give it a try!


Definition of Fixed Mindset


If you have what can be defined as a fixed mindset, I believe you are guilty of having a victim mentality. By this I mean you don’t take personal responsibility for your own feelings.

After all, it is not the situation but rather your reaction to the situation that matters.

Your reaction will be determined by your mindset!

If you find yourself identifying with this Definition of Fixed Mindset, take heart that you can change by taking simple daily actions off feeding your mind with positive information and eliminating the negative information by cutting out TV and the like.


Definition of Growth Mindset


As you look at the Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset comparison, you will start to see that they are virtually polar opposites.


It should be your goal to strive to be in the Growth Mindset camp at all times.


As the Defintion of Growth Mindset eludes, you must constantly feed your mind with positive material in order to achieve the positive outcomes that you desire in your life.


In conclusion, I recommend that you start each day with Positive Mindset Training.


You can do this by reading something inspirational or listening to inspirational audios and watching inspirational/motivational videos.


You will find that most if a not all successful people actively work on their Mindset on a daily basis.


As Zig Ziglar said “Motivation like bathing dose not last, that is why he recommends it daily”


As your motivation is affected by your Mindset, it is critical that you work on it daily too!


Some of my favourite books that I have read to work on my mindset are:- 


Anything and Everything by  – Les Brown

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life – Dr Wayne Dyer

Mans Search for Meaning – Victor Frankel

The Secret Code to Success – Noah St John


To name a few……


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I look forward to helping you in any way that I can!






To Define Mindset is no easy job! If you would Like to Delve Further into The Deep Abyss of Mindset, then You are Going to Love THIS!  







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