Where Can I Start a Blog

Where Can I Start a Blog

Where Can I Start a Blog

Where can I start a blog is a questions that I am hearing more and more often as people are starting to realize that a Blog is a critical component of your online presence.

Even though you may have a Facebook , Twitter or any other type of social media account, you don’t actually own it.

This means that these profiles can be shut down on a whim and taken away from you.

Believe, it happens! I am speaking from experience.

The only real estate that you can actually own online is your Blog and your list of customers and prospects.


Creating My Own Blog


Starting a Blog Site

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So now that you know that a Blog is essential for any serious online activity, let’s address the question as to Where Can I Start a Blog?


There are several options of Popular Blogging Sites out there, both free and paid and they all come with their pros and cons.


Obviously the free options for Staring a Blog Site have way less flexibility with regards to design and functionality but could be a good option for a beginner.


3 free options of where you can start a blog are:-


The above three options are great, but like anything that is free you don’t own it nor do you have much flexibility.


As blogging itself is a long term strategy coupled with the fact a blog is or at least should be your central hub online, I recommend getting as Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

By doing this you are in control.


If you are going to go to the effort of blogging, I believe it is worth doing it once and doing it right.

That being said, setting up you’re your own blog from scratch is not for the faint hearted!


Especially if you are like me and not that tech savvy!


For this reason I strongly suggest you take a look at THIS platform that I use.

It is the very best of all worlds in that it uses the WordPress platform as its base but has an extremely user friendly interface.

You can literally have a Sites Blog set up in 7 minutes flat as you can see in the demonstration in THIS video.


Hopefully you have found this information of value, if you have any questions at all, feel free to call me on 904 392 1105.


I am happy to help you in any way that I can!





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