My Morning Routine Checklist to Start Your Day Off Right

My Morning Routine Checklist


Until recently I did not have a Morning Routine Checklist that I would use daily to start my day.

Each day would start off differently, things would just unfold in a hap hazard way.

Some days were not too bad but others started off chaotically and got worse from there.

It was not until I realized that, just like building a house without a plan, starting your day off without a Morning Routine Checklist is not going to produce the desired result.

My Morning Routine Checklist



My Morning Routine Checklist

As soon as I started to discipline myself to follow my Morning Routine Checklist, things started to change. I was no longer stressed out trying to get the kids off to school. All of a sudden, everything started to just “flow”.


I felt better within myself, which led to me being much more productive during the day. With the more productivity my results started to improve in most areas of my life.


I will be honest, it was not easy at first but it did get easier.


Studies have shown that when you are starting new habits or trying to break old ones, the first 10 days are the hardest. At the end of the second 10 day period things are starting to become easier as the “new normal” starts to kick in.


This is where we must be careful as it easy to slip back into our old ways.


If you are disciplined enough to stick out the through the third 10 day period you are well on the way to a well formed “good” habit!


I created my Morning Routine Checklist from what I learned in the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod as well as other mentors.


From my own experiences, starting my day in a well planned, structured way by using my morning routine checklist I am able to get so much more done and I feel better at the end of the day!


I strongly encourage you to read Hal’s book, it had a great impact on me and I am sure it will on you too.


 Here is My Morning Routine Checklist


  • Get up as soon as my alarm goes off at 6:30 am
  • Splash water in my face and brush my teeth
  • Drink large glass of water
  • 10 minutes meditation (Sit quietly with eyes closed and just concentrate on breathing into your abdomen, 3 seconds in, hold for 3 seconds and 3 seconds out) Try it!
  • 10 minutes Gratitude – write down what you are grateful for
  • 10 minutes – enjoying vision board
  • 10 minutes Journaling
  • Drink another glass of water
  • 10 minutes Stretching exercise
  • Walk 20 – 30 minutes


I would suggest using my morning routine checklist as a base and adapt it to suit your own needs.


You will probably have to get up and hour or so earlier than you are now which is probably the most difficult part.


I can assure you however that if you stick with it, it will get easier and easier within a short period of time.


You will find that almost instantly you will start having better days and you will soon be craving your new morning routine.


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I would love to help you in any way that I can




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  • Chris Shouse

    Reply Reply February 17, 2016

    I am currently reading The Miracle Morning but have not made my checklist yet. Great book filled with a lot of good information from top producers. This was a wonderful post Clive and thank you for the nudge!!

    • Clive Jeffrey

      Reply Reply February 25, 2016

      Cheers Chris! I also found the book very helpful. Starting your day off the right way certainly makes a big difference

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