How to Define Influence

How to Define Influence

 How to Define Influence

Influence – The capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behaviour of someone or something. 




“In order to be able to influence others to act, You must connect with a core desire within them”


There are many ways in which you can Define Influence. As we go about our daily lives we are continually influenced but others and also our surroundings.


We in turn, have an influence over others and also our surroundings.


Often we influence and are influenced without even realizing it.


A great example of this is how children’s political ideas are influenced by their parent’s opinions.


You will find there is a strong likelihood that a child growing up within a Republican household is going to end up voting republican.


Today however, I want to Define Influence in a business context although it will be easy to see how the same universal law applies to our personal lives.


As we attempt to Define Influence, the thing that has become clear to me is that we must tap into the core desire of the person or persons we are trying to influence.


This point is clearly illustrated in the story I shared in the video above about Ralph Waldo Emerson and his son’s attempts to get the hungry calf into the shed for feeding.


Two Key Insights to Define Influence


  • Influence requires more Intuition than intellect as demonstrated again in the story in the video above.


 It’s not a matter of outsmarting them, but a matter of figuring out what they truly want and then offering the solution to them in a mutually beneficial package.


  • Influence requires a gentle hand – again this is illustrated in the story told in the video above


Influence and Marketing


To Define Influence in a practical way that you can use in your marketing is not as difficult as it may initially seem.


The first step is to clearly identify who your ideal customer is. What are their pain points? What keeps them up at night?


Once you are able to answer these questions and you will have started to tap into their core desires.


Now if your product or service solves these pain points you are well on your way to having a satisfied customer.


Remember! You are only half way there now!


Just like in the story above even though the calf was hungry and Emerson wanted to feed it, Emerson was not able to influence the calf because he had not tapped into the calf’s core desires and he was using the wrong message.


In conclusion, as we Define Influence with respect to marketing, it is important not to use the monologue of a trial lawyer expecting to persuade the jury to take your side.


Rather, you should be endeavouring to have an actual conversation with them to establish their core desires and needs.


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  • Chris Shouse

    Reply Reply March 1, 2016

    Very good post-Clive. Some people think to be an influencer is you wanting to manipulate someone and that just is not true especially if you are providing value!

    • Clive Jeffrey

      Reply Reply March 9, 2016

      Cheers Chris! Yes, providing value is what it is all about for sure

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