Clive JeffreyWho is Clive Jeffrey I hear you ask?

Hello and welcome to my “about me” page!

I started out my working life as a sales trainee for a label printing company, after quitting university at the end of my first year.

As it turned out, I was not too bad at sales and managed to quickly build up a decent client base.

By now I was the ripe old age of 21 and decided to go off on my big OE (overseas experience). I spent the next 3 years back packing around the world with a highlight being able to bring my wife Dawn, who I met in Ocean City, Maryland back to New Zealand as a souvenir!

After arriving back in New Zealand in 1987 with Dawn, we both ended up working in sales, for different printing companies.

Having entrepreneurial spirits, we started our own printing and graphic design company and in 1990 and grew it a successful business with a multiple seven figure turnover.

On our annual trip back to Maryland in October 2012, our kids, Jess (14) and Scott (12) at the time, pleaded with us to move to the USA so they could go to and American high school.


Being the adventurous types, ( we lived on our 65 foot sail boat in downtown Auckland for two and a half years!) we decided, what the hell, you only live once and so we sold the business in May 2013 and had settled in St Augustine, Florida by July 2013.

Our Boat “Lady Oh”

Lady Oh

Lady Oh


My life is completely different now with a home based business and absolutely love it! I no longer have a commute, I work the hours I choose and I spend time with my family.

My goal is to help others do the same, by sharing the skills I learned over the years to build a seven figure offline business, along with all the skills I am learning while building my online business.

So if time freedom and working from home appeals to you then please contact me as I would love to help you realize your dreams!

To your success!


Phone: 904 392 1105
Skype: clivejeffrey

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