100 Day Biz Builder Challenge Kicked off 27th May 2014

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100 Day Biz Builder Challenge

100 Day Biz BuilderWell, talk about being like a kid waiting for Christmas! It’s been a long week waiting for the start of the 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge, and the first Webinar certainly didn’t disappoint!

Being relatively new to internet marketing, I have a basic understanding of what is required but I lacked was a well drawn out plan. We have all heard the old cliché’ “Plan your work and work your plan”! …….and I know enough to know that, never a truer word has been spoken.

As promised, I am going to be true to my word and basically spill the beans on what we are doing on the challenge so you can follow along and do it with me!

This first session set out to cover mindset, to make sure that everyone is in the right head space to see the challenge through. We have been set a task for the first 30 days where we have to commit to:-

a)      One thing we are going to give up

b)      One thing we are going to do to benefit ourselves eg exercise

c)      One thing we will do for ourselves like a hobby

Again, as mentioned in my videos leading up to the start of the challenge the number one priority of the course is to take action. There was a big emphasis put on “Learning, Implementing and Teaching” In other words what I am doing here.

Already I see the benefits of this process! Apart from the obvious, with how everything sinks in a lot better, if you take notes from a webinar and then rewriting them. There is the huge benefit that I may be able to help someone in the process, which would be just awesome! If that is you please let me know!

So remember “Learn , Implement, Teach” this way you should never run out of ideas for content creation. Plus you are continually able to provide value.

The next assignments were again geared around setting ourselves up for success and getting a clear head space. I would strongly suggest you doing the same if you are serious about making lasting change in your life.


1)      Clean Car and submit photo

2)      Clean desk/office and submit photo

3)      Clean bedroom and submit photo

Now you may laugh and think why do I have to do that? Little things like that don’t make a difference. Well, I have news for you, they do make a difference and I would recommend you read “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, definitely one of the best books I have ever read.

Also, the guy who won this challenge last year said he won by simply doing exactly what he was told, so I am doing the same!!

We have also been given an “Activity Tracker” sheet which prioritises the money making activities we must do each day to grow our businesses and each activity is allocated points. We have been instructed to submit this completed sheet each week, along with our daily schedule that we kept for prior week’s activities.

If you contact me I will get copies of these tracking sheets to you so you can record your own activities.

So, plenty of practical stuff to get our teeth into!

Commit to the plan and take action! The next 100 days are going to pass anyway, imagine how different you life is going to be because you took action!! Just imagine!!

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